12 Mighty Orphans (2021) Review

12 Mighty Orphans this is based on a true story. What a great movie. It’s a movie everybody should see. It has a great story to tell and it’s just a phenomenal story of life’s ups and downs and how hard it is when you are the outcast in society. People just love to kick you and make it hard for you to succeed unless you overcome all the odds against you. This all starts in the early nineteen hundreds of 12 kids from an orphanage who has one of the school teachers believe in them. This teacher convinces a coach at a more privileged school to quit his job and come and help them, with not just teaching but to turn them into a football team building character in these young men, helping them to believe in themselves when no one else will and trying to give them a chance against teams better much bigger and better equipped with not just equipment but the overall things that schools that have more money can provide them. Like I said just a great story and there was really good acting in this. The kids themselves did a phenomenal job in the acting and I wouldn’t be surprised if Luke Wilson doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar for his performance cause this is definitely one of his best acting performances. Martin Sheen also does a phenomenal job. I have to say the acting with all the people in the movie was really really good and the story is phenomenal. I think to this point this is one of the best movies of the year. I give it 4 stars. It was 118 minutes long but it didn’t feel that long because the movie moved really well.