Aquarela (2019) Review

Aquarela explores the beauty and terrifying power of water on Earth. It is a very strange movie. Not very well done in my opinion. I get what he’s trying to do but I think there could have been a much better way of doing it. The movie basically gives you snippets of water situations but it dragged very, very bad and the shots were very disillusioned. I was not impressed at all with what they were trying to do. It’s sad because it could have been so much more done with the movie. So many different types of water shots especially with all the hurricanes and tornadoes another water type damages could been portrayed in this movie and the music they could have played throughout the movie instead of towards the end of it very strange the way this movie was put together I give it one star and I think I’m being very generous at that. This is one I would definitely wait till it got home to see on TV if you’re going to waste your time even seeing the film.