Brahms: The Boy II (2020) Review

Next movie is Braums: The Boy II. This is part two in the series. It’s about a doll that’s possessed and the house is also possessed so whoever goes into the house and comes across the doll is possessed as well and then of course everyone that’s in the house that is not possessed is in fear of the possessed person. The typical not so scary movie with not very much of a plot line. Not much of an overall movie if you ask me. I just wasn’t really impressed with it. These movies are more eerie than scary and just not really well done. If you saw the first one, this one isn’t any better. In my opinion I don’t get it. You have a good format to work with but they just can’t get the job done in Hollywood. You guys need to get better writers and screenplays to these movies. I give it a star and a half at best. Running time is 1 hr and 26 mins.