Cats (2019) Review

Cats is a movie about a cat that gets thrown away and stumbles across a bunch of cats who are celebrating their annual night out called the Jellicle Ball. The Jellicle ball is where you get the chance to be reborn into a new life. The cats have to put on their performances for the head cat who is Judi Dench has the say as to who wins. For musicals, I did like Les Miserables and Chicago. These are more plays that were more of a movie that had singing in them. This one Cats, has more singing than a movie so I wasn’t really impressed with the movie aspect of it. The acting was really good. I was very fascinated how they made the characters into cats. Whether it’s computer-generated or very good makeup, it’s very well done in that aspect. I was very fascinated to see Taylor Swift in the movie as well as Judi Dench, newcomer Francesca Hayward, Rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson and Ian McKellen. Like I said the acting was good, the singing was good, I just wasn’t really impressed with the overall movie. I give it two stars. If you’re one that likes musicals, see it. Running time on the movie was an hour and 50 minutes.