Clean (2022) Review

Clean is only in one theater that I know of; AMC Universal Grand Cinema in Warren, MI. That’s a shame because it’s one of the better movies of the year. It’s a low-budget movie about a garbage man who used to do drugs and had a misfortune in his life. He lost someone because of the drugs who was very close and dear to him and he sets out to get himself clean. In the of doing this he runs into a girl that reminds him of his daughter and takes it upon himself to protect her. In the process of doing this he runs into some heavy violence and the mob comes knocking. Really good film starring Adrien Brody one of his best performances next to Schindler’s List. I highly recommend you see this. If you’re an action fan, this film gives you your money’s worth. Great performances by everybody in the movie. I’d give this three and a half stars. It’s 94 minutes long. I could have watched another hour of this movie had they added it on. It was really that good.