David Crosby: Remember My Name (2019) Review

This is a low budget film. It is limited release. Here locally at The Main Arts Theatre. It’s a story about David Crosby, the singer, who obviously was in Crosby, Stills & Nash and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Also was in The Birds. So very, very big bands. Really, really good documentary. I give it 3 stars. Highly recommend you see it. Especially if you are into the bands and the history behind it and all the people that he ran into in his life and musical career. At least a majority of them that they put into the movie. People like Joni Mitchell, he ran into The Beatles and has parts in The Stones. He mentions Jim Morrison from The Doors as well as Jerry Garcia from Grateful Dead. The story is just a beautiful story about the things that he went through in his life with the band and how he broke up with the band. It is really humbling to see him because he is very cocky and arrogant as a person and that has obviously caused him a lot of problems in his musical life. Here in his later life he is admitting to his demons and to the down falls of it. It just gives you a really good history on it. It would have been nice to have some interviews with the other members of the band. Obviously those would have been negative. I don’t know if David Crosby had something to say that he didn’t want in the film or if the director and the writer didn’t want to pursue that avenue. But nevertheless, I highly recommend you go see it just for the history of the movie and a very well done movie on the documentary side of it. It would have been better if the other things were there, but again, he might have had something to say about it. And you get to see Glen Frey in there as well as Jackson Brown so it is really, really good to see the documentary on it. A little bit of history on it. Cameron Crowe was in the picture back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as he was involved in his life quite heavily. Some of the documentary pictures were from him so its kind of a back story of the movie. Enjoy the movie.