Dolemite Is My Name (2019) Review

Dolemite Is My Name was phenomenal. I would give it a strong 3 and 1/2 stars. It’s about Rudy Ray Moore who as a young man was trying to find himself. He was a comedian and actor who turned out to be a writer among many other things. He was always trying to get to that next place in his life to make something of himself. He produces an album that didn’t go very far, worked at a nightclub introducing acts and also as a manager at a record store. It is at that point he stumbles upon a street bum that comes into the store and tells him jokes that at first he didn’t think was funny but then he got the idea to go out into the streets and see if his friends had anything funny that he could put together. They make an album and he comes up with his comedy character Dolemite. From there his career takes off and after a while he decides to try and make a movie about this character. Dolemite Is My Name was a really good movie. I highly recommend people go see it. Eddie Murphy stars in it as well as Mike Epps, Keegan-Michael Key, Wesley Snipes and Da’Vine Joy Randolph among others. I thought it was a very well done movie and highly recommend you go see it. As well as a great history lesson into a man who did not get the credit he deserved for what he had done for the community of comedians, he was a self-proclaimed Godfather rapper based upon his stage routine and I have to say I agree with him.