Don’t Look Up (2022) Review

There are a lot of great actors in Don’t Look Up including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, J.K. Simmons and a whole bunch of others. The movie is about a meteor that is about to hit the Earth. It is discovered by Jennifer Lawrence’s character, who ironically for us in Michigan, is a student at Michigan State University. They bring this finding to the president of the United States attention who is Meryl Streep’s character and of course typical bureaucracy within the government doesn’t want to believe anything and wants to sidestep it. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and Jennifer Lawrence are trying to convince them of how serious this is and that something needs to be done because within six months it will be hitting the Earth. Really good job of acting. Phenomenal movie. I give it three stars and I’m surprised that it wasn’t in the theaters longer and they didn’t put a little more advertising behind it. But of course they want you to see it at home because that’s what the investors behind it are trying to do with a lot of these new release movies. They are doing the same thing with movies made by Netflix or Amazon or some other paid for TV people. I think it’s sad because they should start in the theaters and go to home TVs after like it’s always been. It’s worked for decades so why change what works? Somebody has a better ideal so they believe it’s all about money in their pocket. The movie was 145 minutes long. Really good movie.