Downhill (2020) Review

Downhill couldn’t be a better title for this movie cause it truly was downhill from minute one to the end. It’s sad because you have a really good cast with Will Ferrell and Julie Louis-Dreyfus. Both are great actors and did an okay job in the movie but the script / screenwriter did not take advantage of the actor’s abilities. This is a movie about a family that goes on a skiing vacation. It was supposed to tell you what happens on their vacation. This was taken from a foreign film that was done several years ago and got really good reviews for the movie. The way it was done this time doesn’t have any laughs in the movie. As well as the way the movie was told, it just did not do anything for me. I was really just pleased with the overall movie. Next time Hollywood, if you’re going to pick a movie that’s not going to have laughs in it then don’t get actors that are known for their humor. I’d give it a star and a half. Running time is 86 minutes.