Elvis (2022) Review

Obviously Elvis is known for what he did for rock and roll, which is basically found it by bringing it to the front. He may not have been the originator but it wouldn’t have taken off like it did without him doing the song that he did, a remake of an old blues song that he heard as a kid and gave it a little bit of a rock and roll twist to it, and as they say the rest is history. I really like the history lesson they give you to show you Elvis’s upbringing and how he grew up on the poor side of the tracks as they say. This would later influence not just his music but his lifestyle and his openness to all people not just one culture of people. It would also influence his music and the way he went about his musical career. I really think everyone should see this movie. You’ll appreciate Elvis as a man and the institution of rock and roll that he brought to the front and to the public. This is really a phenomenal film. I love the historical part it tells and can’t say enough about the job that Austin Butler did playing Elvis. He did a phenomenal job and Tom Hanks playing Colonel Parker. No doubt the two of them carry this film but really good acting by everyone in the film. Great job by the director and all those that were involved in making the movie. One of the better movies of the year to this point. One of the better performances by Austin Butler and Tom Hanks. I wouldn’t be surprised if both get nominated during award season for what both did. I give the movie three and a half stars. It’s 2 hours and 39 minutes long. This movie does not drag. It keeps you interested the whole time. A must see for anyone who loves their movies.