Escape from Extinction (2020) Review

Escape from Extinction is a documentary type movie about the animals that are on our planet and the things that drive them into extinction as well as the people that are trying to save them. It is a really good movie and helps you understand the efforts that people put forward to save the animals on our planet that are being killed off by the things that humans do and the results of human behavior and of course natural disasters that happen. This movie helps you understand the need for zoos and other types of facilities to keep these animals in because these people are the ones better at saving the animals that are getting left behind should the mother die and the babies have nowhere to go or if the animal gets into a oil mess from an oil spill. Donations go to people that work in zoos and other institutions. I thought it was a phenomenal movie. I would give it 4 stars, a must-see if you’re an animal lover. If you’re an animal activist I think you need to see it as well if you don’t understand what these people are trying to do. Really good movie. Running time is 1 hour and 29 minutes.