Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Review

Everything Everywhere All at Once stars Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kehuy Quan. This is a multiverse martial arts movie about a family filing their taxes in midlife with regret, and which googly eyes everywhere from bagels to fanny packs play a supporting role in the movie as well as paper cuts. Definitely strange as a movie but different as well. You really have to pay attention to what’s going on. Michelle Yeoh’s character runs a Chinese Emigrant laundromat and when she goes to file her taxes everything goes awry. She’s having issues with her daughter and as she’s trying to keep up on everything she gets swept into the multiverse and things keep happening to her. It does have some weird scenes in it such as when Kehuy Quan’s character has a go round with some security guards which is kind of reminiscent of some of the Jackie Chan movies. Overall the movie wasn’t that bad of a movie. Definitely different. I’d give it two and a half stars. It’s 2 hours and 19 minutes long.