Fall (2022) Review

Fall is about two best friends. One of the girls husbands falls to his death and she takes it really hard. While trying to get over her husband’s death, her best friend talks her in to going back to her passion of climbing. They decide to climb a tower which is very, very old. When they get to the top I believe it’s 2,000 feet high. Part of the stairs fall off and now they are stranded almost 2,000 ft. in the air. They’re trying to find a way down and they realize they have their cell phones. But quickly their hopes are crushed when they see there is no reception. The story begins and is very suspenseful. Prepare yourself to accept heights because they make you feel that you’re right there with the actors, 2,000 ft. in the air. I thought it was a really good movie, definitely eerie because of the heights. I give it 3 stars. It’s an hour and 47 minutes long. This is a very different type of movie than anything I’ve seen. It definitely captures your attention.