Father Stu (2022) Review

Father Stu stars Mark Wahlberg, Jacki Weaver, Mel Gibson and Teresa Ruiz. This is based on a true story of Stuart Long who was a boxer and got bad news from the doctor that he should no longer box. He then decides to go out to California and become an actor. When he gets out there, he finds a girl he is really into but she is really into her Catholicism. To impress her, he starts going to church and then he gets into a motorcycle accident and this changes his life. This actually was a really good movie. One of Mark Wahlberg’s best in a long time, probably because it fits into his own lifestyle because he did like boxing as well and he also wanted to be a star as well. I think this character fits in well with his own life and he actually does a really good job of acting in it. Like I said, this is one of his better performances of his career and Mel Gibson was just a perfect fit to play Stu Long’s father. Him and Mark Wahlberg are just phenomenal together. This really helps the movie out a lot as well as Jacki Weaver playing his mother does a great job. All in all this really was a great movie. I gave the movie three stars, three and a half if you like these type of movies. It’s 2 hours and 4 minutes long.