Ford v Ferrari (2019) Review

Ford v Ferrari. I don’t know if you remember, several weeks ago I told you my take on this movie. I said it was going to be a really good movie based on the trailers I saw. I have to say I was right on the money. I see this movie as a strong 3 and a 1/2 to 4 stars. The movie is based on what happened back in the ’60s. A true story where Ford wanted to buy Ferrari and Ferrari bailed on Ford who was really upset. Lee Iacocca came to him and said they should try and beat Ferrari at the Le Mans in France which Ferrari controlled at that point. So they enlisted Carroll Shelby who was the only American to win the Le Mans. They get him and his crew to build a car that could compete and possibly beat Ferrari and in Shelby’s crew was Ken Miles who was a great driver himself and since Carroll Shelby couldn’t drive anymore he has Ken drive for him. The character played by Carroll Shelby was Matt Damon. Ken Miles was played by Christian Bale and you have a bunch of other great actors in the movie that did a phenomenal job. From the story line to the directing and writing, I think it was just a great job. Well done. I highly recommend you go see the movie. If you like what you’re reading, you’re going to love the movie!