Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down (2022) Review

Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down tells the story about the former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Gifford after she gets shot in the head while out in the public by an effing idiot and then after her recovery she transforms into changing the gun laws in the battle against gun violence. This movie shows you what she went through in rehab from being shot in the head. It’s really sad because she really was an advocate for doing right in our government, one of the good people that you could trust and was doing a good job for us people the little guys and getting us what we needed in her efforts. Then along comes some idiot with a gun and changes all that. Thank God for her husband astronaut turned senator Mark Kelly who takes up her fight in the government I know he’s trying to do the job she would have done and God bless the both of them for this. I have to say a really good movie. It’s a documentary of course but you get to see her fight as a person before, during and after this tragedy. I’d give it three and a half stars. It’s an hour and 37 minutes long. Well worth your time to watch it.