Gone in the Night (2022) Review

Gone In the Night is about a couple that decide to get away for the weekend. They go to a cabin in the woods to be alone but upon getting there, they find there’s a couple that has already rented the cabin. Then the movie begins for us to figure out what is really going on. Winona Ryder’s character and her boyfriend John Gallagher Jr. are entwined into a crazy mess that you’ll find out as the movie goes along. I have to say I was not really thrilled with the movie. It has a lot of potential, it just was not put together that well. The main reason is probably that this is a very low budget movie. It would have been nice if they would have put some money behind this movie and put it together better. It probably would have been a much better movie. I’d give it two stars and I’m being generous. It’s an hour and 35 minutes long. It’s a suspense movie.