Green Ghost & the Masters of the Stone (2022) Review

Green Ghost & the Masters of the Stone is a movie based around a car salesman Charlie Clark who moonlights as a wrestler named Laracha Libre. When Charlie was growing up his mom disowned him and he moved in with a neighbor who happens to be Latino and as he watched the films and the Latino culture the wrestler dressed up as characters so as you’ll see in the movie he emulates them. Upon this, the idea came for the movie. It’s basically a life story of what happened to him and then the imaginary comes with the characters he creates for the movie. You’ll see where there’s good against evil. It’s a low budget film but it’s actually done pretty good. I thought it was one of the better movies of the weekend. The storyline is really good especially when you know that this lady took him in as one of her own and it shows you at the end of the movie the love he had for her and his appreciation he had for what she had done. Really good movie overall. Yes part of it is kind of corny but when you understand the storyline you get to appreciate it better. I give it two and a half to three stars. It’s 95 minutes long.