Halloween Kills (2021) Review

Halloween Kills is part of the Halloween series. This is basically part 2 of the final trilogy and stars David Gordon Green, Jamie Lee Curtis, Anthony Michael Hall, Judy Greer and Will Patton. Jamie Lee Curtis’s character trapped Michael Myers in a burning basement as they are leaving the house. Now comes along the fire department to try and put out the fire which of course they don’t know Michael Myers is burning in the basement. You can guess what happens because there’s a part three to this and billions of dollars that can still be made on this series of movies. I see that some critics didn’t give this a very good rating. This is where I don’t understand. Did some of them see a different movie than me cuz I thought this was one of the better ones yet. How can you not enjoy Michael Myers getting his ass beat and I mean beat good so at this point I don’t understand what they didn’t like. I like the plot line of the movies, I like what they put together and it’s more of a story then most of the other movies in the series. Yes some people die that are part of the franchise but that’s what they’re putting together and I enjoyed it, especially the part when they corner Michael Myers and you’ll have to see the rest to see what happens. I would give the movie 3 to 3 and a half stars. It’s an hour and 46 minutes long.