Harriet (2019) Review

All I can say is Harriet is phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal! A must see for everybody. This is a story about Harriet Tubman, who was a leader of the Underground Railroad bringing slaves North prior to the Civil War. I have to say that Cynthia Erivo does a phenomenal job portraying Harriet Tubman. If there was ever a black female hero she was without a doubt it. Before we had modern day heroes, she took on white slave owners and beat them at their own game. Led by her belief that God was with her and throughout the movie it shows you how God inspired her through her journeys. There were things in the movie I did not know about her that she was a leader in the Civil War and several battles and instructing the troops prior to battle and in one scene she is actually leading the troops in a battle where she saves hundreds of slaves lives. Her passion that she had in her cause is just breathtaking. The movie is a must-see. I give it a strong 3 and 1/2 to 4 stars. I can’t say enough about the acting performances and all the characters most definitely Cynthia Erivo playing Harriet Tubman. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets nominated for an Oscar her job was that well-done!