Honey Boy (2019) Review

Honey Boy said to be based on the life story of Shia LaBeouf. Noah Jupe plays the son “Otis Lort” as a 12 year old boy and Lucas Hedges plays Otis as a 22 year old. Shia LaBeouf plays the father James Lort who wants his son to become an actor so he put him in Disney’s Even Stevens show which ironically Shia LaBeouf. It’s a screenplay where the main character is a child star and the dad is often quite abusive to his son. The dad who is a Vietnam veteran travels around on his motorcycle taking the child to and from places. The character is a very reckless father and I’m sure this is what Shia LaBeouf was trying to get across. What his life was like and what you see in the movie when the child grows up, then see the child as an older man in his 20s. You get a lot of bouncing back and forth in this movie when he is in his twenties and the hardships that occur. The movie does a lot of back and forth and I’m sure that’s what they were trying to portray. All his life seems to be very wishy-washy. This would have been a much better film had it been more factual and he came out and said it was a life story because what I’ve always been told by himself was he grew up on a hippie compound. I think that would have been a more compelling story the movie is worth seeing but beware there are a lot of back and forth in this movie so you have to stay with it at all times. I give it 2 and 1/2 to 3 stars depending on your view of this type of movie. The run time in this movie is 95 minutes.