Infinite Storm (2022) Review

Infinite Storm stars Naomi Watts. This is based on a true story. Naomi Watts plays a woman who was ascending Mount Washington. She was going to turn back because of a blizzard that was approaching. She comes upon a man who looks like he was distraught and she approaches him to try to get his attention and he is incapacitated. They don’t really tell you whether it’s because of the weather or if he’s on some kind of medication but they do imply it’s the weather because of the tennis shoes he’s wearing, but as the journey unfolds it leads you that there might be more to it then just that. There’s a powerful story here because this woman is a nurse by trade and lucky for him she knows how to keep him alive and the journey they’re on he’s going to need this because there’s a lot ahead that there is going to see that is a very big struggle for her to help this guy. Like I said it was a good story it does go really slow but it is an emotional journey that this story tells. I was impressed with Naomi Watts’ acting which is always good but I felt the movie just didn’t have a whole lot of substance into it which would have made it really good. I give it two and a half stars. It’s 104 minutes long.