King Richard (2021) Review

King Richard stars Will Smith as Richard Williams, Saniyya Sidney as Venus Williams, Demi Singleton as Serena Williams and Aunjanue Ellis as Brandy Williams their mother, who I believe will get nominated for an Oscar if not win it. This is a story of the Williams sisters who their parents train them from a very young age to become tennis stars. I have to say most everybody thought that it was the dad that pushed them to become tennis stars when in fact, the movie shows you that both parents were behind it. The father wanted to create tennis phenomenon’s and this he does as well as the work of their mother in grooming them to become the stars that they will become and successful their athletic life in tennis. It’s a great story of the family and what they all went through as well as the girls what they went through to become what they would become. Really phenomenal story and very well done movie. It’s a must see for anyone that not only wants to see this movie for the tennis aspect of it but also the family aspect and what their father had to sacrifice for his girls as well as their mother and what she gave up to make them become what they would become and the story behind it. Again, a very must see and the acting is phenomenal by everyone. I have to say that the girl playing Venus Williams really carries this movie as well as Brandy Williams character just off the charts. I’d give the movie three and a half to four stars. It is two hours and 24 minutes long.