Monster Hunter (2021) Review

Monster Hunter is a sci-fi movie. I really liked it. It moved slow in the beginning a little bit but you’ll enjoy it when it gets going. It’s definitely an action flick and is very interesting how the main character Natalie Artemis played Milla Jovovich gets tied up in the way she gets transformed to another place and she’s trying to figure out how it happened. The movie explains it, you just have to be patient. It’ll get to it and you’ll enjoy the things that she runs into and the creatures that come along as well as the people she meets along the way that helped make the story/movie worth watching. The cast includes Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, Meagan Good and Diego Boneta. I give it 2 and 1/2 to 3 stars depending on if you like these types of movies or not but I enjoyed. Running time is 1 hour and 44 minutes.