Mortal Kombat (2021) Review

Mortal Kombat, starring Jessica McNamee, Joe Taslim, Lewis Tan and Sisi Stringer, is a really good movie. It’s based around the premonition of good against evil. The good guys are trying to get their guys together for battle and the evil guys are making life hard on them as they try to do this. The good guys have a sign like a tattoo on their body showing they belong to this elite team. Really good movie with lots of action in it. As they get their characters together, each of the characters has to find their special talents and no one can tell them what it is because no one knows it. Even the people that are trying to find their talent don’t know what it is until they come across it. I thought it was very well done. A lot of action, great storyline. I definitely say go see it. If you liked an action movie, you’ll enjoy this. I give it three and a half stars. It’s an hour and 50 minutes long.