Motherless Brooklyn (2019) Review

Motherless Brooklyn stars Edward Norton who also wrote and directed the movie. It takes you back to the 50’s. Basically a mob-style type movie where the rich and powerful want to feel as though they’re better than everybody else and feel that they can push others around. Edward Norton’s character, Lionel Essrog doesn’t want to see the mob get away with it. He plays an undercover detective disguised as a reporter trying to solve the mystery of Bruce Willis’ character, Frank Minna trying to take down Alex Baldwin’s character, Moses Randolph with the help of William Dafoe’s character, Paul Randolph. Other actors included Bobby Cannavale, Michael K. Williams and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. I have to say it was a really good film and give it three stars. If you like what I’m telling you I believe you’ll enjoy the film.