Profile (2021) Review

Profile is a true story about a journalist trying to expose a terrorist recruiter who is trying to bait women into wanting to marry them to come over to their side. I thought the movie was somewhat okay. It was good to see what these guys do on the internet trying to recruit these women. It does go really slow and you do have to have patience with this. You’re going to read a lot of texting that’s going on between the two of them. You’re going to see the final partake between the two of them, how far those guys are willing to go and how many lies they’re willing to tell just to succeed in getting these women to come over to them. It’s a very telling story and does keep your interest because of the subject matter. There’s is a lot of suspense in it. I would give it to 2 to 2 1/2 stars depending on if you like these types of movies. It is 106 minutes long.