Show Me The Father (2021) Review

Show Me The Father is about the father’s in your life. Not just God as a father, which he is, and this movie shows you in many ways how he is in your life through the people that you run into as well as your own father. Basically the story does show you that the father in your real life doesn’t always have to be your birth father. It’s an enjoyable movie and yes it’s a religious movie but it does point out a lot of the people in your life that you don’t always give credit to until you actually sit back and see the ways in which they’ve helped you as a person and shape your life. The movie is brought to you by the Kendrick Brothers. They have done several movies with religious matters. If you are a person that likes these type of movies, I believe you will enjoy it. If not, it does teach a good life lesson too. It’s a documentary and done pretty well. I give it 2 and 1/2 to 3 stars. It’s 91 minutes long.