Studio 666 (2022) Review

Studio 666 is a movie about the Foo Fighters using the historical mansion which is supposed to be possessed with supernatural forces. I have to say this movie just looked very cheesy and not very well done. Definitely not even scary, barely eerie at best. It just doesn’t come across very well and I really like David Grohl. He is a great guy and super talented but I have to say the movie just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry guys I would love to tell you it does more but it just to me it looks stupid. Whitney Cummings plays in the movie she was a little delightfulness besides David Grohl but the rest of the movie and the plot line. I just didn’t really get a thrill out of it. I mean I understand what you’re doing. I understand the premise of having the evil spirits and all that but it just didn’t come together very well for me. I give it one and a half stars at best. The movie is an hour and 50 minutes of waste of time.