The Call of the Wild (2020) Review

The Call of the Wild was probably the best movie of the weekend. I have to say Harrison Ford did a great job and the CGI dog that everybody was talking about was a lot better than what I expected. Yes, it is a little different but it really does work with the movie. It’s a lot better than other movies out there where the dog or animals talk. In this case the movie is taken from Jack London’s novel in the early 1900’s. I have to say it’s a good twist on the story. If you’re one that’s never seen or heard of the novel, it’s about the gold rush in Alaska and people fighting to find the gold and not trusting anyone. And of course there’s a story of the dog that’s intertwined in it. I disagree with what the critic said that didn’t like Omar Sy’s English accent. I thought it actually went pretty good with the character he had played and just the overall story that you see. The dog becomes the centerpiece throughout the movie. Very touching. I give it three stars. I highly recommend you see it. It’s an hour and 40 minutes running time.