The Current War (2019) Review

The Current War is a movie based on a true story about bringing electricity to the world and the fight to light up United States with electricity. It covers the wars between Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, and yes you have Nikola Tesla in the middle of both of them. I thought it was a phenomenal movie. Great acting by Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon. You get a great performance out of both of these gentlemen. You get a great history lesson on what it was like in the late 1800s to light up America with this new invention that Thomas Edison developed and Westinghouse wanted to change it his way and the power struggle between the two men and our government who is trying to decide which way is better. If you’re one that likes history as well as a good story I’d say this is a must-see. I give it a strong 3 and 1/2 Stars