The Devil You Know (2022) Review

The Devil You Know stars Omar Epps and Michael Ealy. The movie centers around a family with three brothers. One of them had a troubled past, one is a barber and the other brother just seems to be your everyday guy. But then the trouble comes when the brother with the troubled past played by Omar Epps wants to try and keep the family on the right track. As he was visiting one brother he sees that he has a book of baseball cards and as he was watching TV, he noticed that this book of cards came from a crime that was committed and he asked his brother about it. His brother blows it off and says that someone gave it to him to hold. The movie has a great story to tell but it kind of just gets lost between repetitiveness with all the characters and the back-and-forth banter. Michael Ealy plays the detective who tries and puts everything together to figure out the crime. He does a really good job in the acting. The overall acting in the movie was pretty good. I give it two and a half stars. It was an hour and 56 minutes long.