The Great Alaskan Race (2019) Review

The Great Alaskan Race for me personally was one of the better movies this weekend even though it didn’t get written up a lot. It is a low budget film but the story behind it was really good. If you ever heard of the Alaskan Iditarod, this is a story that precedes it and why they have the Iditarod in honor of what happened here. The movie is about back in the twenties when they had an outbreak and needed medicine. Of course airplanes were new, not well-known yet or do what they can do today. So it being in Alaska where it’s hard for planes even today to travel through with the temperatures then down to minus 80 because you’re in the Nome, Alaska area. The only way to really truly get the medicine was by the mushers & the dogs that had to travel through treacherous and must say mind-blowing conditions. I have to give my hats off that this is a true story. If you like what you’re reading I would definitely say go see the movie. I would give it a strong 3 stars for what the movie is about. The performances were really good and the movie was done fairly well especially on the budget that they had to film it on.