The Irishman (2019) Review

I’d have to say next to Ford v Ferrari, The Irishman was the best movie of the weekend. I give this movie a strong four stars. Just an extremely well-done movie done by Scorsese. The cast includes Al Pacino playing Jimmy Hoffa, Ray Romano playing Bill Bufalino, Robert De Niro playing Frank Sheeran, Joe Pesci playing Russell Bufalino and Harvey Keitel playing Angelo Bruno. The movie is based around the mobs in the ’50s and ’60s going into the ’70s from the Philadelphia area to the Detroit area and of course the music throughout this movie is phenomenal. The movie is based upon Frank Sheeran’s version of what happened as he worked under Robert De Niro’s character and then proceeds underneath Al Pacino’s character who was Jimmy Hoffa. Without giving too much away I want to say an extremely well done and well written movie. Well directed, great acting and I just can’t say enough about it. If you like GoodFellas and The Godfather you’ll love this movie. It is worth the three and a half hours to see the movie. I highly recommend you go into a theater to see it but if not it is coming out on Netflix. Just can’t say enough about the movie and how well done everything was in it. I highly recommend you go see it.