The Lighthouse (2019) Review

The Lighthouse with William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson is a movie about two men taking on the maintenance of a lighthouse. The young man played by Robert Pattinson basically bucks the trend wanting to do things his own way and he gives William Dafoe a hard time throughout the process. The movie moves slowly because it’s based around this. It gets a little eerie because Robert’s character starts to have spooky dreams which kind of gets to him. As they stay on this island a long time and a storm brews, the drinking starts and the drama begins. I wasn’t real thrilled with the overall movie. I give it one and a half to two stars but the performance by the both of them was really well done so if you’re a fan of the two of them, I’d say see the movie. I know the director has done other great movies but this one just didn’t quite totally get there for me.