The Lion King (2019) Review

I just saw The Lion King this weekend and want to say that the movie was really good. Not as good as the first one but it’s hard when you re-see a movie and they’ve done it pretty close to the original. If you’re one that enjoyed The Lion King the first time I would say go see it again. There was some uniquely different things in the movie this time being that they didn’t use any animals, they were all pixels which you really couldn’t tell a whole lot and I thought that was quite nice and the characters that redid it this time. Beyonce did a really good performance as Nala and I have to say that Queen B now stands for bad-ass being that she did a remarkable character in the movie. And I thought that Seth Rogan’s character Pumbaa brought some funny to the movie. One of his better roles obviously James Earl Jones re-doing his part as Mufasa was phenomenal as well so if you’re one that likes what you see on the previews you will enjoy the movie. I would give it a 2 ½ stars for the re-do of it. If you’re one that has never seen it before I would say 3 stars so definitely go see the movie. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and the performances were good overall.