The Many Saints of Newark (2021) Review

The Many Saints of Newark is basically telling the story of Tony Soprano, who he was and the soprano TV series. This is your basic mob type of movie. People get killed, and to be expected, a lot of ruthless dirty deeds, lying and deceit. I wasn’t totally happy with the movie. I was expecting a lot more. The acting is phenomenal, the characters are really good. It just dragged on. I felt it could have been a whole lot better. I give it two and a half stars. I really wanted this to be a four-star movie but it just wasn’t there. I think this movie had a problem with who put the script together. You have a great concept of a movie here and they just didn’t get it right. It’s sad because Gandolfini deserves a whole lot better for all he put into that character for all those years. But definitely still worth watching. I am just a little bit displeased with what could have been instead of what they did with it. The movie is 2 hours long.