Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Review

Top Gun: Maverick stars Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and Miles Teller. If you’ve never seen the first movie Top Gun, you don’t have to see it to see this movie. The basic concept is Tom Cruise’s character Maverick always goes Rogue and does things his way. Obviously the Air Force does not like it. There’s a mission that they ask Tom to a be part of and I have to say the overall movie was a big hit. If you like Tom Cruise in his movies, you’ll love this one. Definitely a lot of action and a great story being told and of course the acting in the movie is really good. Everyone plays a great part and does really good in the acting. I give it three and a half stars and four stars if you’re into this type of movie. It’s 2 hours and 11 minutes long and it did not drag anywhere through the movie. Definitely a must-see movie.