True to the Game 3 (2022) Review

True to the Game 3 is the third movie in this series. It stars David Wolfgang, Chris Lofton, Lil Mama, Darius McCrary, Vivica A Fox and Jeremy Meeks. This movie takes off where number 2 ended. Gena wakes up to find her mysterious savior is alive and she has 72 hours to go back to Philly and straighten things out. Basically this is a drug dealer’s movie who tries to go straight because he found the love of his life and the rest of the people on the street don’t want to see that happen. Everybody is out to get him and he gets caught in the middle trying to just live his life after all he’s been through. It’s a pretty good movie. If you like these types of movies I would say go see it. You kind of need to have seen parts 1 & 2 in order to understand the storyline but even still you can see the movie and enjoy it for what it is. Good acting. I give it two and a half to three stars. It’s 97 minutes long.