Wendy (2020) Review

Wendy is a story of a family that lives next to the train station. Their mother feeds people that pass through and the kids are playing in the restaurant all the time. The film centers around Wendy who has a wild imagination. The movie has a Peter Pan type of genre to it. Wendy draws a lot and her imagination is very vivid and one of the neighbor kids comes up missing and she sees him on top of the train all the time not realizing whether he’s real or is it her imagination and then one day she and her two twin brothers go on an adventure and the story unfolds kind of like a Huckleberry Finn type of adventure. Very entertaining. Definitely a different style to the movie. If you like adventure style movies I would definitely say go see it. It’s director is the one that made Beasts of the Southern Wild which was an Oscar nominated movie. I give it two and a half to three stars. Running time is an hour and 52 minutes.