Wolf Hound (2022) Review

Wolf Hound is a movie inspired by the real-life German Special Operations unit KG 200 that shot down Allied aircraft and dressed them up basically as Trojan horses trying to fool the Allied Forces. The film is based in 1944 German occupied France. Trying to exploit the Jewish-American fighting pilots and the fighting captain for the Allied Forces was Captain David Holden who was ambushed. He found himself behind enemy lines and did a daring rescue all by himself. He was able to get in to one of the holding camps of the German forces. I have to say a really good movie. If you like these style of films, you’ll love this one. It’s the good guys against the bad guys, only in this case it’s based on real life actions that took place during World War II. You have got a lot of story here and a fair amount of action when it happens. It’s really good. I would give it three and a half stars. The movie is 2 hours and 9 minutes long. I highly recommend anyone to see this movie. You’ll enjoy it.