Our Friend (2021) Review

Our Friends is a true story of a writer for a paper who writes about his friend who helps his family in the hard times of their life when his wife comes down with cancer. His friend is helping out with the two daughters this couple has. This is a very powerful movie but the movie jumps back and forth with the earlier days and more current times that you see in the movie. It does help that they give you dates but the jumping around really ruins this movie. If I can say anything, the people who have the rights to this movie please go back and just let the story be told instead of jumping back and forth because you’re destroying the great performances you’re getting from Casey Affleck and Jason Segel, who gave probably the best performance of his life in this movie. You also get a good performance from Dakota Johnson but it’s all ruined because of the way the story is told. But with the performances that are given, the movie is still worth seeing. For the story itself and the performances I would give three and a half stars but the movie itself I give two stars only because of the way it’s put together. Again I would still see the movie but you’ll see what I’m talking about when you see it. Running time is 2 hours and 4 minutes.