Half Brothers (2021) Review

I was expecting this to be a real corny movie with not a whole lot to it. It is your typical stupid type of movie but I was a little surprised there actually is a really good story behind the movie. A lot of corny stuff. It’s an okay movie, definitely better than I thought it was going to be but the performances are typical of this type of movie. Nothing fantastic but it does have a good story line and a great message to tell. It’s actually kind of entertaining to see what the two brothers go through to find out what their dad was trying to tell them and the one brother who is from Mexico is making it really hard on the other brother and that is what makes the movie. If you’re one that likes these type of movies, the backstory to the movie is that the dad, Flavio played by Juan Pablo Espinoza has a family in Mexico and can’t make any money there so he came to the United States to make money to send back home and of course runs into a lot of roadblocks here trying to get back home and then he has another child here, Asher played by Conner Del Rio, and the child back in Mexico, Renato played by Luis Gerardo Mendez, has much hatred towards his dad. When his dad is about to die, the one brother that was in Mexico comes to see him reluctantly and begrudgingly doesn’t want to have anything to do with his dad and at that point the two brothers have to grant their dad his last dying wish and the story then tells of them trying to figure out what their dad is trying to tell them. I give it two stars. Like I said, yes it’s a little corny but does have some laughs in it. It’s actually not a half-bad movie. If you like these type of movies, I’d say go see it. Running time is 1 hour and 36 minutes.