Words on Bathroom Walls (2020) Review

Next movie is Words on Bathroom Walls. It is a really good movie about a kid who has schizophrenia and he’s trying to handle it with a broken family. He blames a lot of things on himself and takes it out on his family as well. And as he’s trying to go to school dealing with schizophrenia, it causes a lot of problems. He finally runs into this girl at school and she’s trying to help him by tutoring him. He learns to deal with his schizophrenia and his coming of age. Charlie Plummer does a really good job and Taylor Russell does a really good job acting in here as well. If you like these coming of age type of movies or if you’re one that wants to see someone dealing with a mental issue, I think you’ll enjoy the movie very much. I would give it three stars and say please go see it.