Angel Has Fallen (2019) REVIEW

This is another movie in the series with Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot with it. I give it a 2 ½ stars but it actually was pretty decent. They are trying to find a franchise here. Always love Morgan Freeman’s work. The man is phenomenal. And Gerard Butler did a really good job as well. The take on the film is really good. I don’t want to give anything away but you know what this thing is about and you get your monies worth. The movie does keep you entertained and does have a pretty good plot line on it. So I was impressed because I wasn’t expecting a whole lot going into it. If you like what the last movie was about, you’ll like this one here. For those that haven’t seen this series, the President has someone trying to kidnap him, take him hostage. That is what the premise of the movie is and Gerard Butler is supposed to be the hero to come in and save the day. That is what this series is about without giving anything away. Go see the movie. You’ll enjoy it if you’re one that likes what these movies are about. It is an action movie. Again I give it 2 ½ stars. Enjoy the movies.