Blinded by the Light (2019) Review

I personally think this was the best movie of the weekend. It is in wide release so it’s in pretty much every theater. If you’re a Bruce Springsteen fan this is a must see for you. Any Bruce Springsteen fans should consider this a good 4 star movie. Most other people, even if you’re not a Bruce fan it’s a strong 3+ star rating. Really, really great film. Phenomenal acting. Viveik Kalra who plays the Pakistani teen who is obsessed with Bruce is a true story. The acting between him and his best friend, the mom and the dad, especially the dad was just phenomenal. Really highly recommend anybody to go see the movie. Obviously the kid is growing up loving Bruce Springsteen. He is a Pakistani kid growing up in London England so obviously that’s a whole story in itself. But just the whole thing. The acting, the music, the whole thing of it. I thought it was a phenomenal film. So if you get the chance go see the movie. You’ll love what you see. Enjoy the film.