One Child Nation (2019) Review

What a documentary. One that everybody should see if you want to learn some of the true history of what happened in China from the late 70’s all the way to 2015 when they dismantled the one child per family quota. Back in the 70’s China knew they had a problem with starvation and their solution to it was to limit families to one child per family and what it entailed for the way they had to handle the situation. You have to see it. From aborted children to people kept from having babies whether it be incisions, keeping women from having pregnancies or infanticide. A lot entailed and the whole thing about it. If you’re one to want to see something like that I highly recommend it. Really good movie. Very well done documentary. I would give it a 3 or 3 ½ star rating on it. It is an independent film shown here locally at Main Art Theatre so it is a movie that’s not widely out there yet so you might have to look for it in certain theaters. Most of your landmarks do have it showing. Good luck at the movies. Enjoy the movies.