Butter (2022) Review

Butter tells the story about a smart funny high school kid who happens to be obese and trying to impress the girl he is friends what on the internet that he really likes and doesn’t know how to tell her who he really is. He gets picked on a lot because of his size and as he is trying to become accepted he comes up with a plan to eat himself to death on new Year’s Eve hoping to get people to sympathize with him and talk him out of it. The movie centers around bullying within the school atmosphere. I have to say a really good story is told in this movie as well as really good acting, especially by Alex Kersting who stars as a kid trying to get those to like him, McKaley Miller who is the girl that he wants her to like him and Mira Sorvino playing his mother does a really good job. Overall the acting is really good and the storyline is phenomenal. One of the better movies of the weekend. I give it three stars. It’s a hundred and ten minutes long.