I’ll Find You (2022) Review

I’ll Find You is one of the best movies of the year. I really like this movie. It’s inspired by stories of Polish musicians from the thirties and forties. The film does have an uncommon love story behind it as well as young kids that grow up together as a band when they were younger and it stays with them through their adult life. Yes they both go their own ways later to rejoin. It is centered around the German invasion of Poland and the Nazis trying to get the Jewish people in the concentration camps. This is a phenomenal story. I just can’t say enough about the movie. I highly recommend you to see it. The acting is really good. Stellan Skarsgard does a phenomenal job and just a great story told. It is a very different type of love story. The movie will definitely tug on your heartstrings but I just really like the story that this told and everything they went through to try and gain their freedom from the Nazis in the middle of Second World War. I highly recommend the movie. I give it 4 stars. It’s an hour and 56 minutes long.