Dark Waters (2019) Review

Personally I thought Dark Waters was the best movie of the weekend. This is a movie based on a true story of a farmer who has a catastrophe on his farm. All his cows are dying and through talking to friends he comes across an attorney who he was told to contact about these issues. Ironically this attorney played by Mark Ruffalo (extremely well done job acting by the way) works for Dupont representing them as an attorney. As the story unfolds you’ll see DuPont is at the heart of the problems and Mark Ruffalo’s character has to choose between representing the farmer or continue to represent DuPont who his firm is contracted to. I thought this was an extremely well done movie and highly recommend you see it. Even if you don’t like these type of movies you really need to see this movie to see what they found out because this is a true story and it affects all of us on the outcome of what happened in this movie. The acting was really good, the story line is really good the overall story in general, the directing, everything! I can’t say enough about the movie. It reminded me of a lot of the movie Spotlight which is the one that was about the priest who abused the children in the church. Only in this case you have the corporations abusing all of us by what they did. I give the movie a strong four stars. Running time on it was around 2 hours but the best two hours of your life. Must see movie.